Reuse old CakePHP 1.3.11 project in new hosting PHP 7.3.28

According to I got a old project about CakePHP 1.3.11 and on the old project they created requirement as below
Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS
mysql 5.7.33
phpmyadmin 4.5.4

But I don’t have the old software like that on hosting, So Can I install it on my existing hosting?
PHP version: 7.3.28
mysql Server version: 5.7.34

I think not support php 5 above version. You can developed old to new version 4

One more question please.
on their step to setup system. there is a step
Copy the file ixed.5.6.lin to /usr/lib/php/20131226/
Do you think it’s CakePHP step?
and need to add this command on php.ini, so it’s mean their personal extension?
add “extension=ixed.5.6.lin”

@songdapeng I think you can host your old project using Docker.

How do you think about these error after I open the cakePHP?

file permission issue!!!

I tried to clear this the permission but still have this error. it’s about cakePHP error?

There are a lot of non-static functions that are called statically; this was okay in PHP5, but not in PHP7. You can fix those by just adding “static” to the function declarations. I’ve done this in the past to get a Cake1.3 app to run on PHP7.

It also looks like you’re trying to open a file (lang_en.php) that doesn’t exist.

I will create a new topic because seem now it’s not for install in PHP 7.3.28