Moving server from RH 5.6 to Centos 8.2


I am busy transferring a installation from a old RH 5.6 with php 5.3.8 to Centos 8.2 with php 7.2.24 the installed cake version on the current production instance is

When I do the apache config and set the permissions and edit the mysql connection information after transferring the files then it’s showing a black screen on parts of the installation so my suspicion is that I need to update the cake installation to get it working.

But how do I transfer the old app to the new cake installation?

I am a sysadmin and not a php dev and I have never worked with cake before.


You have an app built with Cake version That will most certainly not work on PHP 7.2 (or any version of PHP 7) without modifications. But you can’t just update Cake in isolation and expect the app to work, there have been many breaking changes since 1.2.

You could use docker with an image with php 5.6.