PHP 7.2 Version is supported to cake1.3


Does Any one knows if i am upgrading php version from 5.6 to 7.2 is Cake php 1.3 still working ?

Beacause I am unale to run Cakephp1.3 in my Local

No, it’s definitely not. I’m not sure what the minimum Cake version is to run under PHP 7.2, but I think 1.3 doesn’t even run under PHP 5.6, let alone 7.2.

Thank you for quick reply,…

and Please ans to one more question like can wee run cake 1.3 on MySQL 8 version ?
Because initially My system setup with php 5.6 and Mysql 5.6 at that time i am able to Run cake 1.3 in my Local and server also Now I have upgraded Mysql to 8 , So pls tell me How my application can run in this Environment like php 5.6 and mySQL8.

And Is there Php 5.6 going to Deprecate ?

PHP 5.6 passed end of life years ago.

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