Is there an admin CRUD like CI Bonfire?

Currently I develop in CodeIgniter, generally using Bonfire for a nice easy admin and users setup.

I’ve found that I can develop fast and particularly like the code generation features, that you can create a module just from a SQL table with full admin CRUD functions. Bonfire also means that the app is nicely organised in an HMVC structure.

However, it seems that development on CI is slowing and development on Bonfire is pretty much at a stand-still. So I am looking to move to a new framework that will offer me the ease of development that I had with CI but that is written in a modern way and is under active development, hence why I am looking at CakePHP.

I have worked with Zend before and hated it. I found it too complicated to do even simple things and it just didn’t work with the way my head works. Similarly laravel seems to be getting more complex so I’m shying away from that too.

CakePHP looks like the framework that would suit me best, the only bit that I don’t have a solution to is the Bonfire-like out-of-the-box admin, code generation & user management.

Can anyone suggest solutions using CakePHP that would offer me these features so that I can, as close as possible, match my CodeIgniter Bonfire environment and workflow?

I’ve just started to play with CakePHP and have partially answered my own question - I can see that it has all of the code generation and CRUD functions right out of the box, that’s great!

So I guess the main bits missing would mainly be a mature auth module, suggestions?

Hey jhob,

As you’ve discovered, CakePHP has plenty of code generation tools out the box. There is also the CRUD plugin that removes a lot of the duplication that you get from creating a simple (or even complex) CRUD based application (It abstracts the Controller Actions into Action classes).

For a mature auth module that works out the box, I’ve heard good things about the CakeDC Users plugin (But have not personally used it yet). You can also take a look at the Awesome list for any other useful plugins!

Also, don’t hesitate to join us on our Slack channel ( if you want to ask questions in real-time!

Thanks so much for your reply, that’s really helpful - just the sort of ‘pointing in the right direction’ I needed!

That CRUD plugin sounds like just the ticket, I’ll check out the users plugin too.

Have to say I’ve been impressed, whilst running through the tutorials, just how little code you need to write to develop some reasonably complex functionality. I certainly feel like I understand what is happening in the framework and why, even if I’m nowhere near the level of being able to apply that knowledge on a consistent basis. First impressions are that it’s the right framework for me.

That’s great there’s a slack channel too. I’ve join and will try not to ask too many dumb questions in there :wink: