Admin template for CakePHP 4

I am a bloody CakePHP beginner and I am wondering if there is an Admin template for CakePHP 4.x

The templates I found by Google haven’t been updated sometimes for more than 7 years.

According to the DRY principle I cannot imagine I have to reinvent the wheel and start from the scratch with an Admin design, e.g. left a sidebar with the different menus for the CRUD operations and so on…

Here are two places you could start.

This is the Authentication plugin for Cake and this is a more extensive Users plugin and a link directly to its documentation

Thank you very much! I am reviewing it. What do you think about this

It looks to me that it’s also running under CakePHP 4.x - right?

I’m not familiar with it personally but I have seen it mentioned in the forums before. Possibly someone will pop up with an opinion.