Looking for an hand holder of sorts

I’ve recently discovered cakePHP and hope it helps make a little database driven website. I’ve installed it and followed a few tutorials but now at a point where my database skills are lacking. I’m looking for somone I can email the odd question to just to make sure I’m doing the right things. It’s not really stuff I want to post to the forum.

I’m using Mysql Workbench to create a database but need to know if I’ve rationalised the tables correctly to be able to get the system I need.

Naturally once I get into the CakePHP side I’ll be pestering the forum too :slight_smile:

What exactly do you want to ask about?


You can also find help on the slack channel - this sounds like the place to be for the odd questions you may have, you can sign up via cakesf.herokuapp.com

Can someone help with this error. I’ve tried all I can find on the internet and Iget this on two different computer, one already had a working composer where I was able to install and use laravel.


Solved the problem by uninstalling wamp and then installed Xampp then using oven to make sure I had a clean install.

glad you resolved with. What was the extension it was missing?

Don’t have clue. I think the problem was more about the path then missing extensions.

Alright then,

I was hoping you can outline what you did (in detailed steps - if you can) so someone (in the near future) having the same problem can use the information

It is all here - https://github.com/CakeDC/oven