Is it possible create an internal structure to simulate modules like Fuelphp?

Hi, i am new to php/web hosting ect. I just installed Cake just last night and so far so good i like what i am seeing even though i am finding it a bit difficult to understand the folder strucher and how things combine to make Cake work. My problem i am i want to seprate my site into three(3) parts i mean create a module for every part.
1)Core will handle the main site i mean index, contact, about and the rest
2)Account will handle user’s part of the site i mean login, join, profile, logout and the rest
3)Admin will handle the admin part of the site.
i want to know if this is possible in cake and if it’s possible how do i go about this?
Please help.

This is what Cake calls “plugins”. There’s excellent support for it.


@Zuluru Thanks for the quick response, but if i may ask how do i link between them? i mean from my index.php page which is located at core plugin how do i link to login.php which will be located at the Account plugin and also if i want to use TwigView to render .html pages is this possible?

There are many plugins available for CakePHP, You can use one of them to start your project
search on google any User management plugin for CakePHP

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A url like ['plugin' => 'Account', 'controller' => 'Users', 'action' => 'login'] is probably the sort of thing you’re looking for?

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@Zuluru you’re the man and what about the TwigView thing?

Thanks a lot man, i have already downloaded CakeDC Users plugin

Never used TwigView and have no plans to do so any time soon. Are you using If not, maybe you should?

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Yes, i have already downloaded it but i am asking to how to use it in my plugins

What, specifically, are you having problems with? “Using it” is incredibly vague and could mean anything from “I don’t know where to put the code from this project so that I can use it” to “I’m not sure how to format my views to use Twig features”. It’s got pretty substantial help right on that page for the entire range from installation through writing code, and we’re not about to give you even more detail about every single step.


Thanks a lot for your help so far, i will try to implement what i have so far and see.