Cake-dm: a Domain Driven Design approach to CakePHP

Hi every one,

I have a few years of experience with CakePHP 3.5+ within very large projects, and I searched for a solution to rescale the rather flat MVC structure of CakePHP.

I came up with a domain driven approach. It requires minimal refactoring, even for large scale apps.

Please have a look at it, try it, and let me know if this can be of any help to the community.

Thanks for your time!

Juan Pablo

“Same” can be achieved with plugins without need of using reflection api which can be performance killer.

Agree with @MarceliSzpak, plugins are the better way of achieving the same thing. While not strictly DDD, take a look at the code of Croogo CMS, a complete CakePHP based CMS that uses multiple plugins to achieve separation of concerns.

Thanks for your input guys. Here is a link to the discussion I had on tha topic. It matches what you proposed. I like the final post on setting different template paths from ADmad.