Upgrading a 1.3 instance of CakePHP - database question

Hi all, I have been tasked with adding new features to a legacy CakePHP site, v1.3.11. It looks like I will have to ‘upgrade’ or more accurately rewrite the app before I can look at developing it further.

I wondered if I can start updating the models and controllers while preserving the existing database? The project is an archive which connects to other apps and if possible I would prefer to avoid redesigning or significantly changing the existing data design.

Any additional tips on how to approach this task would be appreciated. I haven’t used CakePHP in earnest before.

You could get a fair idea by baking a new app from the existing db.

This would give you simple CRUD environment to look around in.

A successful bake is going to depend on some naming conventions in your db. There are ways to get around the conventions if you accept that those work-arounds are going to cascade through your code to some degree defeating the ‘magic’ of the framework.

Another thing I would personally do. I’d get all the CREATE TABLE statements for my db and use them to create an initial-state migration with Phinx.

Though you don’t want to change your schema…

Thanks, this is a useful starting point for my investigations.