An upgrade dilemma

Hello everyone,
I’m not an expert of cakephp

My problem is as follows:
I have a data management system made with cakephp 1.3
I would like to upgrade to the "cakephp 3.3 red velvet."
In all the forums where I have asked this question, was told that it is easier to rewrite it cakephp 3 than doing an upgrade of this type.

Question: Is it true?

I tried to follow a 1.3 to 2.x procedure as described in the guides ( but the amount of errors that occur is terrible.

My fear is that once corrected errors, the second transition from 2.x to 3.3 is similar in amount of work.

Sorry for my english,
Thanks for the answers.

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As with most anything, YMMV, but I’ve found it very true. I’ve redeveloped applications from CakePHP 1.3 to 2.x and from 2.x to 3.x and it is far easier to redevelop an application, especially if the database follows Cake convention, than to migrate it. CakePHP convention makes development easy enough that building from scratch is almost trivial compared to trying to track down bugs in existing code that’s been migrated.

Migrating may be faster, but it will be a very frustrating and unpleasant experience, especially from v2 to v3, since the difference between these versions is really big.

So yes, it’s much simpler to start with a fresh v3 app and manually “move” and adapt the code from the old app, but depending on the project size, it may take some time.