Cakephp Upgrade from 2.6.2 to 3.8


I have been tasked with upgrading a legacy system from Cakephp2.6.2 to Cakephp3.8. Obviously the 2 are drastically different but is there a simple way of getting the old project to work with the new cake version? Or could anyone steer me in the right direction for the best way to do this?


I’m in a similar boat. We have a CakePHP 2.10 app. While there are upgrade tools available (check the CakePHP website), our site was sufficiently complex that we’ve instead started with the database and a clean CakePHP 3.x install and began recreating using Cake Bake.

It’s ‘not’ quite as bad as it sounds. Bake is a great tool and then I’ve been able to cut & paste methods from the 2.10 app and apply them to the new tables. We have a large number of models and some complex reporting so its not a quick job but it does allow us to reconsider a few design decisions and have some nice clean(er) code