Twig Bake Template variables origin - cakephp 3.x

Good morning, I am creating my own cake bake template, I have it in src/Template/Bake. It works fine, but I want to know where can I find the class that send variables to the twig view.
I want to know where the variables “fields”, “schema” and “modelObject” values come from.

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Here you go:

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Thank you, do you know if I can copy this files to some directory and modify them? Like I did with the bake templates?

Why would you do that?
and I’d recommend extending them instead, but I do not know out of my head how to.

We want to add some extra info to the fields from a database, like row position, column position, bootstrap colunm size, etc.
What do you mean when you say “exteding them”?
I need to change the Bake.filterFields() method, so it can make a query to the database and load the fields properties and use them in the twig template.

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@marlonfal You fix your issue? If so, what was the solution?

In case anyone was like me and spent ages looking for a solution to extending bake, the answer is in the documentation here. You can create your own helper files (explanation here), and then load them into bake using the bake initialize event in your app’s config/bootstrap_cli.