cakePHP complex (curly) syntax template variables


Windoze 7 Pro x64 SP1; Apache 2.4.23 (Win64); MySQL 5.7.15 (mysqli, mysqlnd, pdo_mysql 5.0.12); PHP 7.0.11; CakePHP 2.9.1;

Experimenting with modifying bake templates.


  1. Where are the {$var} style variables defined in the framework (such as {$modelClass}, {$field}, {$pluralVar}, etc.,.)?
  2. Is there a convenient listing of all complex-syntax variables defined in cakePHP?
  3. Any useful tips on best practices using these constructs within cakePHP?


ah, i get it (perhaps :wink: ).

  • the {} curly brace construct is a php way to interpret any variable for building strings (of code, or generated code, etc.)
  • the variables i’m referencing will be anywhere upstream in the execution stack of whatever shell or task i’m currently executing

which leads me to believe, when working at the console

  • the [only | best] debugging tool is still the good-ol’ text dump to console?

colour me [SOLVED], or colour me [NEVER-MIND] AYL