Turbo Links For Navigating In Different Pages

Hello everyone, do you have any library or plugins to use for turbolinks?

Last time I checked turbolinks is not under active development anymore. So I’d reconsider building something on it.

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As an alternative to a modern UX experience I’d recommend you look into InertiaJS

Plugin: GitHub - ishanvyas22/cakephp-inertiajs: The CakePHP adapter for Inertia.js.
Demo App built with it: GitHub - ishanvyas22/cakephp-pingcrm: A demo application to illustrate how Inertia.js works with CakePHP.
A video showcasing how it works: CakePHP 4 - InertiaJS and React using the cakephp-inertiajs adaptor by Ishan Vyas - YouTube