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Hi… Great developers I need help to setup inertiajs for cakephp. I read inertiajs official documentation and found there this github repository GitHub - ishanvyas22/cakephp-inertiajs: The CakePHP adapter for Inertia.js.… but this is not working. so guys if you have any idea about inertiajs or any alternative to this library for cakephp with the help of i fetch the data without reloading page and without more depend on js.
inertiajs working fine with laravel even may codeignter but want to working only with cakephp so i need this library inertiajs so please help me guys

Take a look at GitHub - ishanvyas22/cakephp-pingcrm: A demo application to illustrate how Inertia.js works with CakePHP. which is a demo application built with the inertiajs plugin

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yes Kevin I already checked it and its not working may be version problem. I think i have to shift my project to laravel because there many libraries which configure easily with laravel without any more coding configuration, and its hard to find for cakephp . There is No Any Libraries or plugin available for cakephp which make it easy for programmer. Laravel have vast options

Hey @shaan007, I’m the maintainer of the cakephp-inertiajs package. Can you please share what exactly the issue are you facing?

You can also open up a issue on the repository so people using that package might help you with that.

You can also have a look at the GitHub - markstory/docket-app: A personal todo list application application, which uses the same package. It’s made by core member of cakephp so you can get idea from it on how to use it.

Hi @ishan, thanks for reply. Bro I just resolved it and now it working but there is some problem… Links not working may be due to vue version but i already checked it and i still me annoying me.

ishanvyas22/cakephp-pingcrm this is package use laravel compiler… why not use your own built-in cakephp? ok its fine i does not matter. Second thing it only work on port number like this http://localhost:8765 which default port of cakephp but I want to run it like this way http://localhost/mycake, how?its possible or not?

I got this error when I click on navigation
Screenshot from 2023-03-25 19-49-15