HtmlHelper URL with plugin

i’am using cakePHP 2.10.22.
I used to build url like this:

But when i use a plugin like this:

If i ‘click’ on the followed link i go to the index page of my plugin, but all my other link became corrupt.

So i need to transform all my other link with attribute “plugin”=>false

if I have to put it on all the links that do not use plugin, why is it not done by default?

I’m guessing you’re talking about URLs in menus and the like? This wouldn’t break links on your Actuses index page, for example. So, the number of links you need to add 'plugin' => false on should be fairly small.

yes all the links of my menus.

I couldn’t modify the HtmlHelper directly to make plugin => false by default so as not to have any surprises?

If you did, then all of your views in your plugin would need to explicitly specify the plugin for links into themselves, which you don’t need to do right now. For example, your Tasks/index.ctp doesn’t currently need to mention the plugin in order to link to tasks/view.