Travis requirements for a CakeDC Plugin

I forked the CakeDC/tags plugin. I made a modification in my local environment, using PHP 7.0.15 and CakePHP 2.9.6.

I have run all the tests via web (app/test.php). The result was:

62/62 test methods complete: 36 passes, 0 fails, 165 assertions and 0 exceptions.

Then, I sent this pull request:

After some minutes, Travis said that 1 check failed, with this details:

This made me notice that actually the ran tests are different. A big difference is that Travis tests the code with many PHP & CakePHP versions. So then, it comes to mi mind:

Which is the requirement of PHP and CakePHP versions to setup in the .travis.yml file of a CakeDC Plugin (in the matter of following the CakeDC Plugin Standard) ?

I could think that would be enough to test with last version of CakePHP, since everyone who will use the plugin after the PR, will be able to update to last CakePHP at the time that the PR was done. I understand that one or two previous minor versions would increase the plugin integration on current (not updated) installations.

And, what about PHP versions? Makes sense that, if the README file indicates that the requirement of the plugin is PHP 5.2.8+, Travis should run tests with each and every version from that till last stable one.

And then, it turns out a new question: who is able to change the PHP version requierement of a CakeDC Plugin ?

I will apreciate any orientation towards these doubts :slight_smile: