Cakephp v2.10.19 is compatible with PHP 7.3?

Hi All,
Just wonder is Cakephp v2.10.19 compatible with PHP 7.3?
I would like to upgrade from 2.8.1 to 2.10.19 as I prefer to stay in the v2 branch to avoid a lot of extra work.
The server is having several PHP versions but would really ‘prefer’ to go to PHP 7.3.
I hope someone can give me some advice if this is going to work out well.
Thanks for your time…,

according to travis its tested vs 7.3

@Graziel thank you, is this for cakephp v2.x ???
So far I was able to upgrade to php5.6 without any issues with current version cake of 2.8.1
When trying PHP v7.3 I got the expected errors like the contstructors, so will test it in other environment first. I think I would need to check the layout of the DB as well somehow…

yup, its for v2.10.19