Tips and Tricks to learning cakePHP?

I’ve done the free class, I’ve done the tutorial, I’ve gone through other tutorials but I can’t do anything on my own as I don’t understand any of the documentation. It’s all EXTREMELY confusing. Any help anyone has is greatly appreciated. I wish I could be more specific but anything outside of the tutorials is extremely confusing. Such as updating a single column on a single record, with just a button. I can easily do that in PHP myself, but this cakePHP framework interactions with the database just doesn’t make sense.

Is learning cakePHP really worth the headache of trying to do something for days and getting no where? Is there an easier framework that actually makes sense to idiots like me?

I’ve gone through the same process. Yes, It’s confusing because the documentation assumes a lot and leave a lot to the understanding.
It’s possible, though. It’s worth it if you want to a powerful, free, light web engine with direct database access.
After one full week of learning, trying, testing, I was able to build what I want. That is, every next feature does require time and effort to learn. The documentation helps, as does this community. This is why I joined.
My way towards clarity; use ‘set()’ to pass all your controller parameters to the view that you want and build a debug section to echo all the variables to the screen that you want. It helped me to understand problems with type mismatches, with typo’s, and with classes not supporting a certain function.
The latter is most confusing; I would love one full library of all classes with the functions they support so that I would find out easier how to build calls with 6 or more “->” on the line.
Good luck.
If you do have issues, just post a specific question here with:
1- Your goal
2- What you expect
3- What you got instead
Please be generous with posting code so we can understand the context you are working in when trying to help.

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Is this: maybe what you are looking for?

@FangerZero Take it slow, ask lots of questions, maybe join the slack community ( This: might be a good tutorial for you to do.


Everytime I don’t understand how to use a specific method to achieve something (and am tired of simply trying everything that comes in my mind), I have a look at the CakePHP source code - this takes much time at first, but saves much more time later :wink:

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I will admit I am way past reading manuals. "Read 100, read them all. " :slight_smile:
So I prefer learning by doing. People here can be quite helpful and understanding so they might even answer a question that could have been answered by reading the tutorial even. I am trying to do this for others to pay in kind. It sometimes takes some effort counting to 10 when you read “I am using function x(), but it doesn’t work. Please help.” :laughing:

@dakota I can try taking it slow… not really my thing though. lol But I’m signed up w/ slack and I’ve saved the CakeAdvent thing. I’ll be taking a peek tonight after work. Maybe after this fun little experience (many months from now) if I succeed, I’ll see what I can do to help out other noobs like myself.

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