CakePHP 3 Tutorial

I’m still learning CakePHP 3 as I migrate from 2 and to help myself, and possibly others, I’m creating a basic tutorial. Any suggestions or corrections would be more than welcome:

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Good job, it’s really quite thorough and helpful! I hope other beginners will find it, because it answers a lot of common questions that aren’t all clearly adressed in the official docs.

Good work. I’m a “learn as needed” self-taught webmaster maintaining a couple of small sites with PHP, mySQL, some Javascript. Trying to move beyond build from scratch coding. It’s challenging to get my brain around OOP in order to use well-structured but highly-abstracted tools like CakePHP. I put Cake aside for a current project because I couldn’t figure out how to link multiple tables (activities with characteristics from one table, user-reporter tracking in another, and accomplished activity data stored in another). Cake official tutorial and the manual are wonderful resources, but don’t cover this scenario. Your tutorial, while simple and clear, does cover some of the same ground that the official resources do. So my suggestion would be to spend time showing users how to deal with common CRUD and display tasks that aren’t already covered in the official materials. Good luck.