TinyMCE Plugin Issue

Some help please.
I have installed TinyMCE plugin via composer
composer require TinyMCE/TinyMCE
It creates .\vendor\tinymce\tinymce folder.
I tried to load the plugin in Application.php
But I get Fatal error : Uncaught Cake\Core\Exception\MissingPluginException
I have tried camel cased and lower case but nothig works.


TinyMCE is not a CakePHP plugin therefore you can’t just load it via


See Cakephp 3x Add TinyMCE text editor in 2 Steps to see how you can implement TinyMCE with a textarea generated with CakePHP.

Basically you don’t need TinyMCE to be required/included via composer since it has no PHP code at all. It just lives in the frontend so you can just load its JS via an external URL