Cannot load plugin

I have install latest version CakePHP 4.x Strawbery, next I have install plugin save image gallery, used composer

composer require josegonzalez/cakephp-upload

next, call this plugin used settings config\bootstrap.php at the end of line, I have added code


next, while I used cake bake in command prompt to create controller, method and template.
the error message display below

Exception: Plugin josegonzalez/cakephp-upload could not be found. In [C:\xampp\htdocs\baksoganteng\vendor\cakephp\cakephp\src\Core\PluginCollection.php, line 143]

how to fix that, prior in version 3 isn’t difficult than latest version,

I’m apologize :pray: :pray: my trouble has been fixed after I have reading repeatly in