CakePHP 3.5. project and i got error this first page how to solve this Please any know?

Fatal error : [Cake\Core\Exception\MissingPluginException] Plugin ModernTheme could not be found
Please any one know about this error ?

well as it says it tries to load a Plugin called ModernTheme

Since I can’t find any public cakephp plugins which are called like this I would guess it should be present in your plugins/ModernTheme folder.

One solution would be to remove the ->addPlugin('ModernTheme'); call from your src/Application.php but I guess this has/had a reasony why it was there.

Thank you sir, But this load plugin is not present in the src/Application.It’s present in the bootsrap.php but main reason is that i am not see any code related that plugin.I trying to run cake
PHP app this error show me on start. I didn’t experience in cakePHP 3.5

Well then try to remove it and see what happens

I tried all plugins removed from app but i got following messages
I created virtual host on local pc.

This domain is owned by ABC
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Seems like your local setup doesn’t work as you expect it.
CakePHP doesn’t have anything to do with domains. In fact, cakephp doesn’t even care from which domain it is called.

If you have custom code related to domain logic inside your app you will have to look for yourself how to solve that.

Yes, your right, I know the those things. I think thoroughly check that code where is custom code

You could use an app like Agent Ransack (which is an advanced file search utility) to do a contains-text search of ModernTheme within your .php source code to see how widespread its usage is. Ditto for anything else which was being used but wasn’t out of the box!

I feel your pain, debugging someone else’s code who strayed from the usage of the package, or relied on something you don’t have.

Sir, In plugin folder ModernTheme is present but in the Boostrap.php the plugin is not loaded and not use in the AppController.php. Well i tried moderntheme plugin code add but not works…
Plugin::load(get_option('modern_theme', 'ModernTheme'));

added in beforeRender
$this->viewBuilder()->theme(get_option(‘modern_theme’, ‘ModernTheme’));