WYSIWYG Editor in cake 4.5.1

Hello, is someone using a WYSIWYG Editor in cake?
My application ia homepage on cake 4.5.1
Any tipps are welcome!

Lots of people do. There’s nothing Cake specific about it, though. Pick the one you want, and add the JS to your project per their directions.

I have the same need and I just tried TinyMCE following the instructions I found at GitHub - CakeDC/TinyMCE: TinyMCE Javascript HTML WYSIWYG Plugin for CakePHP.
The bad thing is that once you configure it, a message appears on the screen saying that you must acquire (buy) a key for the editor to work, otherwise it lets you see everything for reading only and does not allow editing.

I’m still looking for a free and simple WYSIWYG that is compatible with CakePHP 4.5.

The TinyMCE project homepage seems pretty clear about their pricing model. CKEditor is another popular one, it’s also not free. Maybe try Quill?

Have you installed with Composer or via Github? I am interested to use the editor even if it is charged. Can you give an advise how you made it? Regards


I have installed it from the composer and following the setup instructions and examples described in the Github documentation.

You must be careful when you invoke the $helpers variable, because in the documentation it appears:

public $helpers = ['TinyMCE.TinyMCE'];

but in order for it to work, I had to modify it to:

public $helpers = ['TinyMCE'];

That’s all I had to do.

I hope it helps you something.