[Share] Glaze tool

Hii there,

The past few days, I have been considering to build something like Laravel’s Homestead (but since I’m a Docker guy, I made it with Docker), today I build it while having some downtime at work and I wanted to share it with you guys :slight_smile:
It’s a “little” script (along with some default configs) that does the following:

  • Allows you to access Cake commands without local PHP
  • Allows you to access Composer commands without local PHP
  • Have a dev environment setup in little to no-time
  • Does most of the work of setting up a PHP skeleton app (you only need to do some minor stuff with the app.config)

I made it with the intent of limiting dependencies on the local machine as much as I possibly can (because I hate to have to install and update 200 dependencies all over my machine) as well as to allow me to quickly create a new skeleton app if need be.

I hope you guys like it, feel free to contribute to it and/or open issues on the repo!