CakePHP 5 Docker

It’s 2024 and no pre-configured docker-compose? PHP development environment is notorious for being a little difficult to set up. I don’t wanna use that stupid XAMPP to develop my projects, and I don’t wanna pollute my system with all the PHP and MySQL packages. It baffles me to see that we’re on CakePHP 5.0 and have no docker support. Does anybody have a working solution? I’d appreciate it if you share your piece of code.

I can usually setup a custom wamp in about 7 minutes using the various zip packages:

Nginx, PHP, and MySql.

Even switch version of php via a clever bat file if needed. So your comment:

PHP development environment is notorious for being a little difficult to set up.

For me is not valid, it’s ridiculously easy.

Hi, look here: for some nice dev env options. inc plugins and libs to support your dev.

So, @borderliner, we’re working on a system to achieve exactly what you’re asking for. It’s roughly based on this article in the bakery:

CakeDC article

Out project creates a dev docker container, with your local folders mounted to the container for development to continue. Otherwise, it’s a full LAMP stack setup, with appropriate preferences and such. Please read the Read Me file in the root directory. It tells you how to work with the interactive script to setup your project parameters.

This is a work in progress!! We still have not even figured out how to publish this as a project outside of my dev environment. Feedback on that end is very welcome.

Here’s the link to the GitHub project, good luck.

any timeline on this? I see the original article was 2020

glad to know that you are working on it… please think and focus on WEBSOCKETS for cakephp 5 with pre-configuration just install and do some twinks and run websockets in cakephp… there is no packages for websockets which work with pusher or ably. like Laravel provide