Problems to pass an application made in cakephp on a linux server to a new server in windows server

Hi,I have problems to pass an application made in cakephp on a linux server to a new server in windows server, I made the settings by IIS, but it does not open the application, another test in native php yes, edit the web.config file but nothing, please help!!!

You’re going to need to include more details. At the very least, what does “does not open the application” mean?

Thanks for answering, I do not speak English, I send you a screenshot of what comes out, I have the configuration made in IIS, I suspect it is for the Apache rewrite module, I am checking my webconfig and htaccess

The screen shot doesn’t show the URL. If this is for the top level page (e.g., then it’s almost certainly an IIS configuration issue, and outside the scope of CakePHP. If the top level page works but links within it don’t, then it could be rewriting or a code issue.

To determine whether it’s code or server, I will usually put some trivial resource like a simple text or png file in the document root. If the browser can’t access that, it’s a server setup issue.

No, the application uploaded another one in native php and it works, the problem is that this application was on a linux server and when passing it to a windows server this happens, you have to see the rewrite module I suspect, thanks for responding

Thanks for
responding, I am starting on this issue of server migration, the problem I have
seen is because cakephp uses apache and it is not a new installation from
scratch on the server is an application already created, the other application
is made in native php and everything works ok

Have you looked at this?

Hi, yes i do, but this is in a installation in 0