Where is this URL OF /POSTS

HELLO, attach capture.
I have ok all urls except when I click in any post to read the news, or read more in any post,
cakephp add this path /app/webroot to my url and I don´t know where is and give me error.

if my url is cosnor.idsoft.es/posts
cakephp add cosnor.idsoft.es/app/webroot/posts

Where is the file to change this?


Does your server support Apache mod_rewrite?

Or does your server allow you to use .htaccess in your directories?

Hello, thanks by your support, my server suppor mod_rewrite and htaccess in my directories?

Which version of CakePHP are you using?

This is for version 3:

I think you need to learn a bit more about CakePHP, build a new site just for learning. Follow the guides:

PHP 5.6, in old web is 4.x, with the migration I cannot installa less than 5.6.

Sorry, I think there is a language problem.

¿Es usted español?

¿Qué versión de CakePHP estás usando?

Creo que necesitas aprender un poco más sobre CakePHP, crear un nuevo sitio web solo para aprender. Sigue las guías:


Por favor, no te ofendas. Necesitas mejorar tu inglés, esto te ayudará mucho en tu carrera en el desarrollo, ya que muchos recursos están en inglés.

Hello, yes, I´m from spain.
Sorry by my English.

I have been commissioned to move a cakephp to a modern php hosting, the old hosting is in IIS 6.0 and the new hosting is apache and php 7 although i can execute php 5.6

I never have installed cakephp but the installation have been well installed in 90%. Only there are a few errors.

try setting ‘base’ in ‘app.php’ to ''

base - The base directory the app resides in. If false this will be auto detected.

sorry, I don´t find this file, where is? app.php?

It is in a top level folder config/app.php

Sorry, in config cake/config and in app/config there isn´t any app.php

you didnt specify cake version but given that its app/config check core.php and change App.base instead.
https://book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/development/configuration.html#cakephp-core-configuration there is also mention about App.fullBaseUrl but i dont remember older cake much so its up to you.

Yes, thanks, it´s solutioned.
I have discommented this line and it´s function.
Configure::write(‘App.baseUrl’, env(‘SCRIPT_NAME’));*/


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