Configuration problem with Wamp

Hello all,

I inherited from an application written under CakePHP. I got it and tried installing it locally with WAMP.

Could not make it work.

If I leave the default with .htaccess and a VirtualHost defined in Wamp Firefox gives me an error “Loading error - Connection failed”.
If I set parameters to not have the url rewrite (I disable .htaccess and I uncomment the ‘baseUrl’ line in config / app.php) I have an error "The url xxx / xxxx does not exist not on this server "

There, I admit that I do not see where the problem can be well located so if you have ideas I am interested.

Do you have the database setup?

Maybe take a screenshot of your WAMP control panel and posting that. Also, did you run bin\cake server in the command prompt?


Here is the screenshot of my Wampserver.

If I run the url http://localhost:8080/.../web/bin/cake.php, the result displayed is “#!/Usr/bin/php -q”

Yes, and the connection is functional.

I think by default Cake uses port 8765, so try http://localhost:8765

Here’s my console when launching a test app I have

As I run XAMPP and not WAMP I don’t know much about that. If its any help, here is my XAMPP


Sorry I can’t help any more than that.

Your WAMP control panel appears to indicate that Apache is running only on port 8080? Are you including the :8080 in your URL?