Update php version 5.6.3 to 7.2 with cakephp 3.1.*


We have an application which build by cakephp 3.1.* with PHP5.6 version. We realised the php security support is over for php 5.6, so we planned to update 7.2 which is stable now and having 2 years security support.

We used many of the 3rd party packages and we updated all those as per the new version but few of them we could not but still our application is running and some of the php old code which we written, those are not working. Ex: count()…

Can you guys help us how to solve this?

What, specifically, is not working? And what does “not working” mean in this context? It’s not clear whether the problems you’re having are in your Cake 3.1 app or these “3rd party packages”.

Oh, Cake 3.1 probably doesn’t support PHP 7.2. Maybe use PHP 7.0 in the meantime, until you can update your application to the latest version of Cake?

I dont have problem in cake 3.1. Cake 3.1 library build with php >= 5.6 and 7.0<=. Please correct me if i am wrong. I changed my php version 5.6 to 7.2 and the cake library code is not working in 7.2.

But php 7.0 security support is only till 2019 Nov, after that again we should change. For time being, i should update only php 7.2 for security purpose and it has support till 2021

So, Cake 3.1 doesn’t work with PHP 7.2. If you want to upgrade to 7.2, you need to also upgrade your version of Cake, and that may also mean making code changes in your application. If you have time to do that now, then do that migration (here are the guides for each point release) and move on to PHP 7.2. If you don’t have time for that right now, going to PHP 7.0 would be a first step you could take, to get to something that has the security you’re looking for. Then you have the better part of a year to update your application to Cake 3.7, and can switch to PHP 7.2 when you’re ready.

Thanks for your guidance, we will follow this.

Thanks for such great post and guidance

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Hi there. Thank you for the information and for the great post.

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