Porting my app from a different Framework

Hi Guys,

I’ve only just started looking at CakePHP as an alternative platform for my app and I am very impress. Today I was able to bake the 5 most important tables in my DB but I still have a long way to go. I’ve got a significant amount of time invested in Yii2 but after trying CakePHP it just feels right to switch. I have a feeling that I can still hit my launch date but I am so new to CakePHP it is certain there are things I could do better and quicker but I don’t know how yet.

Can someone please give me some advice? I am happy to do a screen share to show my app… But here’s the kicker I’m not in a position to afford big time consulting fees… I’m a solo-preneur with a few affiliate agreements from sites that will refer to my app.

Any advice and help is greatly appreciated and if anyone does help me I will sign an IOU and make darned sure I pay for that knowledge and feedback.

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If you have any money to this, you should check this:

The Cakephp team can work for you a few hours or months, for consulting, helping or even develpment.

Maybe a consulting could give you directions and help when you get yourself stuck!

best luck