Installation assistant for cakephp


I intend to distribute an open-source application written with cakePHP; i want to make the installation process easy for the people who will try to install it. Is there any “standard”, do some plugins exists, to make such an assistant ?

Like : enter the database connection parameters, check extensions, filesystem permissions, and so on ?

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If your project is coposer installable than it will install all requirements.

You can check the default home.ctp as it show basic checks like if tmp is writeable, etc.

Hi rrd, thanks for the answer,

I use composer to install cake and some modules; i would like to use memcached for sessions and cache; so i think about an user interface who asks some questions and generate a correct config file (like many php software around). Composer will check memcached php module is ok, but i want to make sur the server is available (by testing the connection) and the same goes for MySQL/MariaDB, etc.

I’ll try to git clone the repository unconfigured and see where it goes without any config.

Take a look at how Oven and Croogo do it :slight_smile:

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