Laracasts for CakePHP?

Hi CakePHP forum,

I have previously been developing with Laravel and my learning style is better with video content. Therefore, I have used Laracasts a lot and enjoyed it.

After googling for a while, I have not seen anything similar for CakePHP.

I am curious if anybody know of any extensive video tutorial website like Laracasts for CakePHP?

There are youtube videos covering cakephp 4.x.

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Thanks, @jimgwhit :pray:
But do you know of any tutorial site which completely focuses on CakePHP like Laracasts are doing for Laravel?

Hi @debito,

Yes, there are the CakePHP Training Sessions. You can join live and participate by asking questions or voting for topics or showcases that interest you (e.g. the last month’s session included a deeper look into middleware because that’s what the majority of the viewers wanted).

The virtual ticket costs only $2, which is a donation to the CakePHP Foundation.

There is also a video recording available if you’d like to revisit it later.

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Hello @debito there is also a CakePHP Channel on YouTube here: - some long workshop videos from CakeFest - maybe this will help you to get started.

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Thank you for the answers, both of you!

I tried to sign up for the CakePHP Training Sessions, but they are already sold out.
Do you know if it is possible to just sign up for the recordings?

Wow, that sounds interesting. I thought because these training events are online, they will have either very high, or virtually unlimited capacity.

Try donating a few bucks to the CakeDC and then contacting @steinkel (steinkel (Jorge M. González Martín) · GitHub, steinkel :: My CakePHP), he may have some of the recordings. I guess in the grand scheme of things, it’ll be pretty much the same as if you attended the event live (minus being able to ask questions, of course).

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Id rather be out of knowlege than to gather said knowlege from LaraCast. Bunch of fraudsters looking how to fool you their “courses” are high quality.

Well, I wouldn’t be the right one to tell, but they offer a ton of information on how to get started. For a visual learner and newb like me, CakePHP has an extremely high learning curve :sweat_smile:

@debito Hi,

Have you been able to find what you were looking for using the existing CakePHP resources shared above?

If not, then what’s missing? From a visual learner’s perspective, what kind of content would you helpful? And as a newbie, what do you think makes up that learning curve?

I know when you start learning something, a lot of the unknowns make it seem overwhelming. What are those unknowns to you?

Hi @alex

Thanks for replying here!

Unfortunately, I have not found exactly what I was looking for.

Getting into a complex area like a new framework is indeed with a steep learning curve. Being a visual learner, I like following tutorials with actual projects where I can follow along a apply various techniques while building real stuff.

Hi @debito,

So basically, the good old blog tutorial (although now converted into the CMS tutorial) but instead of text recorded into video?

Back when I first started with CakePHP about a decade ago, the blog tutorial at the time made sense to me as it was - and to make it worse, I don’t think I even had any idea about MVC at the time, but it still worked. So remembering that experience, simply converting text to video seems like a lot of overhead for questionable benefit. Unless I’m missing something.

Is there some other part of the equation that I’m missing? E.g. it’s hard to convert coming from Laravel, previous knowledge stands in the way?

The reason I’m asking is I can foresee myself wanting to contribute once I have some free time down the road, and I would consider maybe recording a video, but the idea of just taking the existing (and working) text tutorial and recording myself following it sounds like I’m missing something

We don’t have a CakePHP version of Laracasts. While I find video tutorials helpful for learning brand new topics. I find it too slow and annoying once I get my feet under me. I’ve successfully used videos to teach me the basics of Spring, Docker, and K8s, but after that I quickly find example code / demo’s the most helpful. With that said, it would be a benefit to the community if we had CakeCasts.

Its no small endeavor. You need to get the information right, have some knowledgeable, a good presenter and have slick editing.