First step working with Cake PHP 2 - Where can i start to learn it?

I’m a new cake PHP developer, looking for some tips to get some learning and development, It has been quite difficult to find a book, method, gallery aimed to beginners like me. Someone can help me?

Hi Marcelo!

Great to hear you are learning CakePHP! - Our best advice is to rather start with CakePHP 3, however, if you cant (if you are working with a legacy project in CakePHP 2), then check out the official training sessions here - The next session for CakePHP 2 is on Feb 16th.

Also - have you checked out the cookbook for help and tutorials, everything you need to setup and get started is there - And of course, Google helps heaps!

As a new CakePHP developer is it a good choice learning CakePHP2?

It would be better to learn CakePHP 3. It is a modern framework that is under active development.

That includes both CakePHP 2 and 3 :slight_smile:

It was I wanted to suggest :wink:

And it’s nothing compare to what is preparing with CakePHP3.4 :confounded:
But it’s maybe necessary.

Now, I suppose you certainly faced the problem of only_full_group_by caused by MySQL5.7 unless yo didn’t decide to update also…

But be logical, writing it’s own framework is certainly possible and -maybe- better for CH Robinson with the huge ressources they have but it’s not an option for most of other companies.

So CakePHP, Laravel, Symphony or any other Framework is the best choice for most of us.

I appreciate só much your support. There is a legacy of Cake PHP 2. I knew a PDF avaliable on Cake PHP Fundation. i have already read, but now I’m seeking a easialy description of cake PHP and more exemples. The online course is a grogeous advice…:+1:t3::grin:

Yes, exactly…is a source code at 2.0 Cake PHP. i Will look for 5.5 PHP references. Where can i find some book or vídeo lessons?!

I’m actually is using redlobster tool but it isn’t integrate with database unless root usar. I’m not root user and not have permission. How can i do tô solve that?

Another fantastic option if you are able to travel is the annual CakeFest ( conference. Will be held in New York this year.

ndgAlainB no arguments on a custom framework it’s not for everyone but as an example I took the old simple MVC framework that is no longer supported and heavily customized it for a small site to fit my needs, so granted I did not write my own but now I have what I need but even a custom frame work is not that hard to write if you don’t need all the frills such as notifications and things like that.

Just saying cake is wonderful for some scenarios whereas a simpler framework might be better for a smaller site.