It's possible to use C# in cakephp 2.x?

I would like to know if it’s possible use C# with cakephp 2.x, if yes, how?

In general, no. It’s not really anything to do with CakePHP, but rather PHP. I’ve done a bit in the past using PHP’s COM interface, I believe you can write COM objects with C#. And here is an article about using C# in PHP. I’m not sure if it’s Windows-specific or not.

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@bigcouve I am legaly obliged to inform you that CakePHP 2 is EOL and will not get any further development or security fixes. So if you plan on creating a new app you should start with current CakePHP 4


Thank you Zuluru, i get upset that there is no native support, since c# is the closest thing to web development to c++, the language I like so much. I hope you have a great day!

Thanks KevinPfeifer, i started create a app to learn cakephp 2.x, because is the version that company i work use… I personally feel annoyed at having to devote my time to the old version of the framework :confused:

Management decisions are not always understandable but if you communicate the fact that Cake2 is EOL and basically dead and they still require you to spend time in it then they can’t blame you for that :wink:

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One way to explain it to them is this a liability to the company, depending on company structure one they may have to disclose to shareholders, customers, board etc.

As someone who spent December patching log4j in my day job - that’s what a worse case scenario could look like for EOL software. In my other volunteer role I’ve spent most of the Xmas break (whilst admittedly in covid lockdown) porting / rewriting a CakePHP 2 app for this reason (as Kevin will attest by my many questions here and Slack :wink: )

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