CakePHP 3 and SQL Server

Hi everyone,
I wanted to ask if anyone has worked with CakePHP 3 and SQL Server. The last time I did connected to SQL Server was back in 2015, with a CakePHP 2 app and I connected through a vendor class that I created, wrapping the official PHP SQL Server library.
Now, I have a new project, in wich I can connect to a SQL Server database, if I think it is a good approach. But I wanted to hear (or read) opinions, regarding your experiences.

Have used CakePHP 3 to connect to MS-SQL. Works fine, there’s official support for it as a datasource. I think MySQL is a better product, at least for the work I do, but if you have some compelling reason to use MS-SQL, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you.

Hi Zuluru, thanks for your answer.
The project is very much a wrapper of an existing ERP that doesn’t provide web services for some transactions. I have to develop those web services in order to allow connection from other software.
That ERP has it’s own data model and works exclusively on SQL Server.
My approach, if I use CakePHP, would be to create the public API with it’s own data model (probably inside the ERP’s database, or in an itermediate database) and that would be the core code. And then have a vendor code for the integration with the ERP’s data model. So if in the future the ERP changes it’s architecture, it’s fully decoupled.

Yeah, need to integrate with existing stuff in MS-SQL is why I’ve had to do it. Should work fine for you.

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Thanks. I’ll come here and tell about the results.