Integration of CakePHP web app into Joomla? How to start?


maybe stupid question. What is the most efficient way to add my CakePhP site into a Joomla site?

Thaks a lot in advance.

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That very much depends on what “add” and “integrate” and “into” mean. By far the easiest is to put your Cake application in a subfolder of the site that doesn’t interact with Joomla in any way. If you need to be sharing session information between them, though, or you have some other more comprehensive integration that you want to happen, it gets more complicated, fast. I did this once, and it was a lot of work, ultimately not very successful.

Thank you very much for your answer. If it was a lot of work for you, then it is mission impossible for me.

The point is that we have a Joomla site for our institute web pages (we need CMS because many user contribute to the site) and site written from scratch in PHP with MySQL DB. I was just curious, if I could use CakePHP to manage Data site and use it on our site as module.

Once more thank you very much. .