What should I use to authenticate user in CakePHP

if they are logged in in a Joomla Homepage and use a link to Cake.

I’m not that familiar with Joomla, but if it’s like WordPress, you might be able to use Joomla’s existing user table with Cake (Cake’s Auth component and others like CakeDC’s User let you configure what table is used and what fields to look for). If you’re sharing the database between Joomla and Cake, it might be easier.

This would be a bit of a hack, and probably would involve digging a bit into Joomla’s code to see what it does when it logs-in a user.

Hi thanks, I will make a try with a sharing database but this needs time and I don’t have it now. So I will pick up this issue later and if I get some helpfull experiences I will report.