Authentication with CMS

Hi all, does anybody have a suggestion where to start to develop an authencation process in common with cakePHP 4.3.4 and a CMS like Joomla? I mean if one is authenticated in Cake it’s possible to switch to Joomla without another login. Or if it is easier the other way I would follow this way. Kind regards

I’ve done the latter, allowing a Cake application to authenticate based on a Joomla session. It’s not fun. See here and here for some of the implementation details.

Hi Zuluru,
you’re right but will take a closer look.

$ bin/cake server
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Interface ‘Authentication\AuthenticationServiceProviderInterface’ not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\cake\Zuluru3\src\Application.php:55

This is what I get after composer install and bin/cake server.

I am not familiar with the content of ActAsIdentity.php.

Would you please give an advise how to handle this problem?

I’ve never run it with the Cake built-in server, only ever with Apache, so I can’t really say what might be going wrong there. You are using the master branch, not the more recent but not ready for release branch?

And also the specifics of the Joomla integration might only run correctly when used inside the custom Joomla component that I have built but not released, and configured just right. The link was intended to be a code example to draw from, not a live demo of this particular functionality.

Thanks for replying. I took master and was not only interested in Joomla Auth, but get more input related cak itself. I am doing cake now more intensive and take all practicle things I can get.
I will do some more test and update if the master has got the updates.
Kind regards