Integarting bootstrap 4 in cakephp 4.X

Hi there.

I am new to cakephp and would like to know the following.

  1. Can I modify the templates /pages/ home.php file and copy part of the bootstrap code into ? With the header code ?.
  2. I also see there is a webroot folder which contains a js folder, font, css, and img folder. Can I remove replace al those folder content with default bootstrap 4 css, js and css folders ?

As I am currently busy trying build my very own cms.

Kind Regards,


Yes and yes. What you have there is a template that’s useful for getting you started. It’s not meant to stay unchanged as you develop your application.

You would be better off going to /layouts/index.php and insert bootstrapcdn. Then, it would be applied to every page with the default layout.