Convert HTML Web template to CakePHP template

I have just downloaded a HTML web template and plan to convert it into CakePhp web template.Inside the assets folder of this downloaded template there are folders for css, images, fonts,js,flexslider,bootstrap,ico.I have copied the contents of css, images, fonts & js to the corresponding webroot/css, webroot/img, webroot/font, webroot/js.

Now my question is what do i do of the other three folders namely flexslider, bootstrap and ico folders.How do i access them in src/Template/Element/header.php and src/Template/Element/footer.php.Hope you understand my question and help me with some codes.Please excuse me for asking such a basic question as i am new to CakePHP.

Make sure you have only create one default template in the layout folder then add those js,css,images files in that make default layout and access them in the application as per need.