Bootstrap and CSS font location (e.g. in root index.php)

I have two basic questions regarding the CakePHP mechanisms and layout.

  1. I added (bootstrap) HTML to the root index.php to make a homepage. This code executes on every page, creating my homepage on top of other Controllers’/Tables’ templates. Moreover, it changes the color of hyperlinked text to red. I have not even changed font color anywhere. Might be due to the loaded stylesheet of bootstrap loaded in index.php, which would also override the other design?

  2. I wanted to add a font-family. Adding the font-family.ttf to the /webroot/fonts folder and adding the font in cake.css did not work. Then I saw the custom font ‘Raleway’ is written in the CSS, not present in the fonts folder and loaded separately in the header by a stylesheet from Google Fonts. If I want to add a general font, how is this supposed to be done in the CakePHP structure?

Bonus: I expected the root index.php would be based on a controller method in AppController.php, but the first “argument” in the URL is seen as a Controller itself. How can I refer to an index/home page?

Just as a general comment, asking multiple unrelated questions in a single post is a good way to get poor responses on all of them, as you’re basically asking for several separate conversations to become interwoven with each other. And when there’s a problem, include whatever code is required for people to be able to reproduce the issue (but only the required code; the effort of paring things down to the bare minimum that causes the issue often leads you to discover the solution for yourself).

OK, I shall remove this post eventually (after splitting up)
EDIT: I can’t, but it can be deleted now by someone with authority.