How can enable debug kit for Stage environmemnt?

I need to enable the debug kit stage env. for testing purpose, i had tried to enable not works,
Locally it’s works but i can change in my cake App so that i can enable the debug kit. for cakePHP 3.7

First, enable the debug mode (obviously).
I recommend using the .env for this (and many other things, like database passwords).

Then, add the following line to your .env for your staging (or set the envvar on your host):


Next, create the following key in your app.php:

return [
  // ... Some config stuff
  'DebugKit' => [
    'forceEnable' => filter_var(env('DEBUGKIT_FORCE_ENABLE', false), FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN),
  // ... More config stuff

That should do the trick.
Just make sure that if you deploy to production, your .env either does not contain the DEBUGKIT_FORCE_ENABLE line, or even better, explicitly set it to "false".

@spadeX what errors are facing? Do you get any message or anything from which people here can help you?

No errors after changes and not works for me.

@spadeX Error should be there, have you checked error.log file in the logs directory?

Also, please make sure:

  1. You have installed dev dependencies as generally debug_kit reside in dev dependencies section in composer.json file.
  2. You have configured the database connection for debug_kit plugin.

thanks my issue has been fixed.