Debug=true not working in cakephp 4.4

In .env file I have export DEBUG="true", in app.php I have 'debug' => filter_var(env('DEBUG', true), FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN), and in app_local.php I have 'debug' => filter_var(env('DEBUG', true), FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN), but is not showing the errors in the page, it only shows HTTP ERROR 500, how can I solve this issue?

Check your webserver (apache, nginx, etc) logs. Usually in /var/logs/ (ubuntu) folder

Are you definitely importing the .env file?

I have no idea, I am using the default configuration that is created with composer create-project, how do I have to do to import the .env file?

From Configuration - 4.x

For local development, CakePHP leverages dotenv to make local development automatically reload environment variables. Use composer to require this library and then there is a block of code in bootstrap.php that needs to be uncommented to harness it.

Is this the code that I have to uncomment in bootstrap.php?

if (!env('APP_NAME') && file_exists(CONFIG . '.env')) {
    $dotenv = new \josegonzalez\Dotenv\Loader([CONFIG . '.env']);

Yes, that’s it. If you already have that uncommented, then you’ll need to investigate:

  • Is it actually getting to that point in the bootstrap, or is the error happening before that?
  • If it gets there, what’s the value of env('DEBUG') both right after that bit executes and when your app.php gets called?

Is not getting to bootstarp.php I put debug(env('DEBUG')); after the call to $dotenv->parse()->putenv()->toEnv()->toServer(); and is showing the HTTP ERROR 500 page

I could see the error_log file for the site, it says that I have to enable the intl extension in php.
Do you know how to do that?

You could Google it, it’s been answered here and on StackOverflow dozens of times.

Thank you @Zuluru I could solve it, it was a little tricky, but finally could activate the intl extension in the server