How to enable DebugKit?

How to enable DebugKit in cakephp 4? Please help.

Typically, in src/Application.php's bootstrap() method you would do this:

I already run commands composer require --dev cakephp/debug_kit “~4.0” and cake plugin load DebugKit and $this->addPlugin(‘DubugKit’) in application.php but not working.

check if in “config/app.php” the debug level set to true, if “addPlugin” is surrounded by an “if” as @dreamingmind wrote.
Is there a folder “vendor/cakephp/debug_kit” in your workspace? Any error logs in folder “logs”?

->add(new AuthorizationMiddleware($this, [

            **'requireAuthorizationCheck' => false**


I wrote code at authorization middeleware ‘requireAuthorizationCheck’ => false

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