DebugKit not enabled


I’m using version 4.1.6 on Apache on Linux Mint 20.

This is probably a stupid question, but how do I know if I have the debug_kit enabled and how/where do I enable the Panels. I have not removed anything since installation and have configured the database - which seems to work as I get no error messages to say that it isn’t working, though it has no tables.

In the documentation it says to:

Configure::write(‘DebugKit.panels’, [‘DebugKit.Packages’ => false]);

but I want to ensure that they are Enabled and cannot find where this assignment is made.

Any ideas?


It’s need to install php-sqlite. :grinning:

Hi spadeX,

Thanks for reply.

I should have said that it is already installed.



It turns out that I needed to set it in an .env file - as per here: