Hardware Requirement for 1000 concurrent users


Is there a way to calculate the hardware specifications for CakePHP project?

For example:
If we need to support 1000 concurrent users on the LAMP environment, then what are the minimum hardware requirement for the web server and database server?

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You do not have to worry about that.
Any basic configuration will do the job.
For example, I work with several bookshops with CakePHP 3.x or 4.x and the books table contains (average) 2 500 000 items related with images, categories, departments, themes, etc.
Some of them have basic shared servers with a standard php/mysql install.

So 1000 users, it just rocks.

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Actually, what we are looking for as follows:

  1. if approximately 1000 concurrent users are accessing the CakePHP website at the same time,

How much memory do we need to allocate on the web server and database server
How much CPU do we need to allocate on the web server and database server

Short answer : no.

It actually depends on your needs and the complexity of your program (cakephp). If there are lots of complex sql-queries, you will need a more powerful server/cpu to process them faster, especially needed for time-critical operations.

I would suggest you try out a shared server or AWS EC2 t3.nano, then work your way up from there if you find those un-suitable.