Deployed cakephp exam app on lan

Hi, please I need some help here guys, I designed examination application using cakephp and i suppose to deployed it on intranet/LAN for students to take the exam without internet, now I have windows server 2012 running on a server with 4GB Ram and 500GB HDD, i set it up with wampserver 2.5, my question is can wampserver 2.5 handle up to 300 students at once? If not please advice thanks

it depends, best way is to check it

or if you want to simulate interaction it will require more setup

Okay thanks, I will try and test it. Although it will cost about $500 to rent a computer base test center here

you can try it locally first to get rough results if you have similar setup or create for a while some server on AWS / DigitalOcean etc at fraction of this price with your custom setup