Hosting suggestions (for student)

Hellow good day!

do you have any suggestion on what web hosting is compatible with cake php or best for cakephp? im a student and have been working on a project for my Capstone and i’ve finish developing my project and searching for options for the best webhosting for my project. my project is developed using cakephp 4. I would be glad to hear suggestions and advice from you to increase my knowledge. thank you so much for your time. :slight_smile:

You must pay attention to PHP and MariaDB (or other SQL) version. There are shared hostings, VPS, and dedicated servers, depend how big is your app.
Personally I was using cheapest plan from Hosting WWW ☁ Dobry i tani hosting stron www | (less than 10$ per year :slight_smile: for Cake 3 app, and now I am using VPS from them. It has limited admin privileges, but works for couple of years. There are configured mail and initial setup.

thank you for giving time to reply to my post. i have checked the site you’ve referred to me. thank you so much! :slight_smile: