Development with a composer plugin?

Hii there,

I’m slowly preparing my CMS for a release-candidate and as such, I’m now working on settings it up as a composer package.
However, one thing I can’t figure out is how I can install it as a composer package while still being able to develop it?

Currently I have it setup as a git submodule in my project (which serves as my main development environment) and from there I just include it using PSR-4.
This, however, is obviously not how I want to have it when I release the first RC.

So my question is: How do I turn it into a composer package (for Packagist) whilist also being able to work on it’s development (and being able to use Git with it without additional setup after installing the package)?

As an additional bonus on it:
Our entire development stack (the nginx, PHP, MySQL, Composer etc.) is dockerized so just symlinking it to another directory on the machine is also not an option…

Install with composer install --prefer-source, which will clone the repo into vendor/ instead of downloading a zip archive. You can then directly develop/work in the vendor/ directory.

Question for you, why write your own CMS instead of contributing to Croogo?

Thanks, I will test out that flag when I’m back at work thursday (obviously I will report back).

And I actually hadn’t heard of Croogo back when I started the development of my CMS.
It’s a personal project that became a collaboration between me as a individual and my employer (since he saw potential in it).

Seems to have worked :slight_smile: